JavaScript is undoubtedly a very versatile and is one of the easiest languages that can be used in a website to extend the functionalities. JavaScript Development helps in many was like data processing and calculation, visual effects that can be applied on-screen and a lot of others. You can also use the third party scripts to extend the functionalities. In this article, we will see the advantages of using Java Scripts.

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An easy language

According to Naturalhealthscam comJavaScript is a language that is very easy to learn. You can see that the syntax that is followed in the language is very close to English. Since JavaScript uses the DOM model, there are a lot of per defined functionalities. This makes it very easy and to develop entire scrip. It is just like taking a walk in the park.

 It is very fast for the user end

The processing is done within no time, and you can get the result easily because the code is executed on the client side. It does not require the server to process the codes. The bandwidth consumed by JavaScript is also very low as it is not sent back to the user for processing. With it being so fast, it is widely used for all websites from sports shops, fashion, news sites and trustly casinos rely on its functionally.


Extended functionalities

There are a lot of third-party add-ons like Grease Monkeys. These add-ons allow the developers or coders to write snippets. These JavaScript snippets can be executed on the on any of the web pages. It will help to extend the functionality of that particular page. You can use add-ons like Grease monkeys to add a certain feature that you require to a website. You can do it on your own and do not need to depend on others.

No compilation

The JavaScript is interpreted as HTML tags by the browser itself. Hence there is no requirement for a compiler or any compilation process.

Easy to debug

Debugging is the process of eliminating the bugs or errors in the program. Since the syntax of JavaScript is very easy to understand Debugging will be very easy. Unlike other languages, JavaScript takes very less time for the debugging process.

Platform Independent

Any JavaScript can be interpreted easily. All it needs is a browser that is JavaScript enabled. There are also no hardware restrictions. JavaScript code can be run in different kinds of hardware.

Event-Based programming language

In JavaScript whenever a certain event occurs different code segments are executed. This is called event-based programming. To put it is a simple way a particular segment of code is only executed a button is clicked, or the mouse is moved.

Procedural programming capabilities

All the procedural language capabilities that include branching, looping, condition checking and a lot more can be done in JavaScript. It has almost every capability that the user needs.

It is a client-side language

The JavaScript does not require a web server to execute the code. Instead of the server, it is executed in the processor. Hence it saves a lot of bandwidth and web load. Be mindful that a pure javascript site may hurt your search engine optimization efforts. Although, according to S E O-Advantage, google can now crawl websites much more effective if you’re using prerendering tools such as