Action packed 2 days

Each workshop is 2 days, but we won’t just throw it all to you at once. Be prepared to leave with a solid grasp on concepts, theory, resources, and practical approaches for Angular.

Expert Instruction

We stay on the edge of JavaScript, best practices, and open source then bring back all our learnings to you. Our instructors are the best in what they do.

Small groups, big lessons

We limit are workshops to 40 students and have 3 instructors there to instruct and help get you stuck. This will translate into better material and deeper conversations about all the Angular insights you came to learn.

Project based

You won’t just learn concepts and theory, but you’ll actually build something that you’ll be proud of. There’s no better way to learn. Use what you built as a reference for after the workshops when you’re building apps.

City to city

We don’t just host workshops in SF, we go where people want to learn. Our workshops may be in your city soon. Check out the upcoming workshops. If you would love to have a workshop in you city but don’t see it scheduled, let us know!