Now that Angular 2 released beta someone moved our cheese! Let’s put on our running shoes. First off let me start off by saying I have been writing Angular 2 for nearly one year now (actually, since this tweet) and writing AngularJS since the first stable release. I want to share what I quickly discovered in that time. We are going to see that everything’s changed but nothing is different. This is the Angular you have been looking for this is Angular 2 for AngularJS developers.

* For this article when I refer to AngularJS I’m speaking about Angular 1.x and Angular as both frameworks
* Keep in mind that ES2015 was previously known as ES6
* TypeScript is simply ES2015 + Optional Types
* A Type is a class

Both AngularJS and Angular 2 can be used with normal ES5, but most folks should be using ES2015 with AngularJS and with Angular 2 it is highly recommended to use TypeScript.

It’s worth noting that our browsers today currently varies when it comes to ES2015 features that are implemented. Neither technologies (ES2015 or TypeScript) can run natively in any browser (perhaps TypeScript with Edge browser). We must have a solid build step to transform our code into ES5 for cross platform support. Webpack and/or Gulp are the popular choices for the bundling and building our application code. Once you have your preferred build process we can bootstrap our application. If you’re in a hurry and just wanna get started, check out our Angular 2 Webpack Starter and NG6-starter (AngularJS) on github.